Silence (Calogero Villareale), was born in Catania (CT) on 23 September 1977. He began to pursue a musical career at a very young age, first dabbling with the classical guitar, and subsequently moving on to another musical instrument: the electronic keyboard. 

At the age of For 11 years he cultivated his passion for composing electronic music, listening to the notes of "his great master" (even if he never knew him personally): Jean Michel Jarre

And in honor of the latter, in much more recent times, he formed the electronic duo "O-Zone" together with another prominent artist of Italian electronic music: Cristian Stefanoni. Collaborates and creates the pieces for the choreographies of a well-known Calabrian dance school, together with the teacher Renata Galea, presents at the 10th edition of the Torre d'Argento Award, held in S. Maria di Licodia (CT), in front of a large crowd public, composed of artists, politicians, journalists, the first version of "Waves". In 2002 he will always return to the same stage, this time as the winner of the "Best Theatrical Soundtrack" for having combined music and electronic music in an evocative way in the ancient context of Calabrian folk music.

In the same year he performed in Catania, at the "Ardizzone Gioeni" Institute for the blind, in a show dedicated to students.

He established and founded the duo "O-zone" together with Cristian Stefanoni. Together with the composer from Turin they produce their single CD "Planets" (published by Intersound Net Records) in a limited edition.

He later produced and collaborated with FLUIDA RECORDS, GLUON MUSIC and APBEAT, high-level labels for record and artistic productions.

In 2007 the "Shared Emotions" project was born, a song that over time has proven to be attracted by the global public thanks to digital distribution on various music portals.

Between 2008 and 2009 he elaborated a series of songs by his "master" Jean Michel Jarre and included them in the album "Silence plays  Jean Michel Jarre" published by Azzurra Music and published by the same in December 2009. Also in 2009 composes the soundtrack of the short film "Il Commissario Valenti - Come Marionette", produced and edited by Mario Bruno.

In 2010 Silence digitally released the album VENIERO, 9 songs that served as the soundtrack to the unforgettable documentary that tells the story of the Royal Submarine "Sebastiano Veniero".

Also in 2010 "Silence plays Jarre" was distributed digitally and at the same time the "Sound of Elecronic" project was born, a collection of purely electronic songs with industrial and experimental sounds.

2011 saw the birth of one of the most beautiful works of the digital artist: "LA CAREZZA DI UNA NUVOLA", distributed digitally and on physical CD, an album of a certain artistic caliber made thanks to the collaboration of the guitarists Stefano Locri (Mad Vintage Rock) and Massimo Lafronte. The hand of the painter Carmen Gravagna who created the album cover was enough to enrich the project. The year ends with the live Veniero held at the Officers' Club of the Navy in Augusta (SR).

2012 begins by sealing an artistic collaboration with Vince McStross, a great guitarist from Catania, with whom he plays the live Shared Emotions included in the show organized by the "Medici in Vena" Association of Catania and which took place on 4 January at the Metropolitan Theater and on 15 July at Palazzo Platamone, where the proceeds were donated respectively to the ONLUS Association "BA.CO.DI.RA.ME" and to TELETHON.

2013 sees the birth of "Chaos"! An album containing 12 tracks of electronic and classical music fused by Silence's incomparable style. The creation of the cover art of Chaos was the hand of the talented Katiusca Ingrosso. Furthermore: "September", an EP containing 4 versions of the digital artist's dance song of the same name! 

2014 begins with the single PHOTOMANIAC, Silence's first electrodubstep project! The cover-art was created by the photographer and artist Federica Loi. The year ends instead with the Prog Rock project “Memories of a Blade”! Born with the collaboration of Massimo Lafronte, who took care of the electric guitar tracks, Christian Stefanoni who created his own version "Art J” and, for the first time, with Mad Vintage Rock who created their own wonderful Prog Rock version of the song. This time, the Cover-Art is created by the talented Francesca Musarò who has embellished a completely new project by the digital artist Silence.

10 June 2015: the album "Where are You?" is "born" on iTunes, the electronic project by Silence containing "glitch" sounds, EDM and Prog Rock in 12 unmissable songs that allow you to travel into a surreal fantasy world enriched by visual art created by the talented Monia Foderà who created the cover art inspired by the notes of the digital artist Silence.

27 February 2016: Silence at the Reload Music Festival, the musical event in Turin which reached an audience of over 10,000 people! Silence, together with Christian Art J Stefanoni, gave life to the “Angels & Demons” shows on the Main Stage and on the Live Stage as well as, as a soloist, to his “Electronic Loud Set”, derived from the “Sound of Electronic” project presented on the Live Stage  of the prestigious music event focused on electronic music.

11 April 2016: Carmina Burana Silence & Christian Art J Remix is released, the song presented at the Reload Music Festival played together with the eccentric artist Christian “Art J” Stefanoni!

20 May 2016: on the occasion of the program of the General States of Culture of Reggio Calabria, Silence was a guest of the Provincial Planetarium "Pythagoras" of Reggio Calabria where he presented the next electronic project "Behind the Stars" 

23 September 2016: Silence produces and publishes the electronic suite “Behind the Stars”! The suite, divided into 5 parts, was enriched by remixes produced by Christian Art J Stefanoni and the Argentine electronic artist Vivi Pedraglio! 

15 December 2016: as part of the cultural event "VideoClip Festival", an event dedicated to independent artists, conceived and directed with passion and dedication by Francesca Piggianelli, held at the Apollo 11 in Rome, with the participation of artists from nationally and internationally, the “EscaMontage ashort” Award was awarded to the videoclip “Memories of a Blade” (directed by Fabio Garreffa). With this recognition the video clip will be screened during the Escamontage Itinerant Film Festival 2017. 

21 December 2016: second exciting Live Behind the Star  held at the Pythagoras Plantetario in Reggio Calabria on the occasion of the Winter Sostitium.08 Febbraio 2017: In distribuzione mondiale, su viene reso disponibile “Behind the Stars” su CD.

14 June 2017: with the precious collaboration of the talented singer Litz, Silence releases the single "It Will Be Blue" destined to become the hit of summer 2017! 

14 January 2019: After a year and a half Silence returns to the music scene presenting the project “Syntetica” and previews “Synthetica part I”! 

10 June 2019: The album Synthetica is released containing 9 unmissable tracks of electronic/pop-synth music created for lovers of the genre and for those who, even if for a moment, want to escape towards a new musical frontier! 

27 June 2020: "The Tales of Dragons Fairy" is born, an orchestral and prog-rock project full of epic sounds destined for an album equally epic! 

November 20, 2020: “The Sound of Madness” is Silence's new instrumental project. Within the 9 tracks it is possible to listen to multiple musical genres: from Classical Crossover to NewAge music, to Progressive Rock through electronic music. The album is enriched by the abstract art of the talented artist Roberta Palumbo!

October 10, 2021: “Out of Portal” comes to life! 9 electronic tracks from “The Portal” to “Shared Emotions 2k21”, from “Perseverance” to “Photon Spin”, “The Bit”, “Synchronized”... UNMISSABLE!!!!

29 April 2022: “Nascentium” is released, the first of a new age - ambient trilogy destined to become the new musical standard of Silence 

28 April 2023: "Incrementum", the second of the new age - ambient trilogy is reality! 

26 August 2023: the date is no coincidence... and after 13 years since the publication of “Veniero”, Silence republishes the project under a new sound guise!

02 February 2024: Silence releases "Evolutionis", the final EP of the trilogy born with Nascentium and crossed by Incrementum. The project marks, for Silence, a new musical era!